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What's the difference between RDA and other energy companies?

RDA is all about education and helping you use energy generation and conservation as a proactive business planning tool. We have partnerships with alternative energy and traditional energy companies to give you options that fit your needs.

Should I shop around?

You can shop around and you can sometimes save more money by choosing a partner who doesnt need to even talk to you. They will make money by not offering any customer service and you will get savings for a short period of time. Why not longer? Because chances are that they will be artificial savings. It's like you getting the first three months free for trying a service and then the price locks in at a higher rate down the road. We want to educate you about your energy, not just make a commission and say goodbye. So do you want a long term procative approach or a short term hit?

Can RDA get me free labor?

Many grants are designed to get people to work. It takes a strain off the system when people are employed. They also target career advancement. RDA knows how to help you turn employment headaches into windfalls for employment and training.

Will RDA help me acquire equipment?

YES! You should call us first if you are thinking of any expansion. We can help you develop a strategy to use a combination of energy management and workforce development to meet your goals and get that equipment in your shop faster and for less.



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