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The old saying “Out of sight, out of mind,” really does apply to most business people. You have a pile of decisions and personnel issues to tackle – and rarely enough time to proactively search for the opportunities that RDA can bring. That’s why a conversation with RDA is so beneficial. We have the tools and the know-how to help your business improve and grow.

RDA has information that until recently, only the top 10 percent of business elite could access. We’ve focused our life’s work in the manufacturing, environmental and energy sectors, as engineers, designers, and strategic geniuses. Even our location – in a beautifully rehabilitated historic mill conversion in the Watertown, Conn., industrial belt – symbolizes how RDA knows industry and business inside-out, with insights on maximizing profit in ways most companies could never imagine.

The time you spend with RDA and the experts on the RDA engineering team could become some of the most valuable moments in any business owner or CFO’s year.


Rich Dupont leads Resource Development Associates as president. He is degreed and certified in industrial management and environmental technology – and is one of Connecticut’s leading authorities on clean energy management – and its everyday financial impact on business and homes. In the manufacturing sector where energy use trends highest – and the savings potential greatest – he contributes to the inner circle that sets policy and standards for the state’s most influential business and industry groups, including the Conn. Economic Resource Center’s Manufacturing Committee, the Conn. State Apprenticeship Council, the Advanced Manufacturing Committee for Conn. Community Colleges, and the Conn. Dept. of Labor’s Business Collaborative.

Rich is a strong and informed pro-business advocate who stays on top of political and legislative developments at the municipal, state and federal levels. He’s a regional business leader, as chairman of both the Greater Waterbury Chamber’s Manufactures Council and the Watertown-Oakville Chamber of Commerce. He is past president of the Smaller Manufactures Association of Connecticut and the recipient of four major achievement awards, including the Webster Smith Award, the CONNSTEP Manufacturing Award for Exceptional Achievement, the Dorothy Standard Award for Volunteerism, and the 2011 Malcolm Baldrige Award for Leadership in the Community.

Rich and his team maintain vital contacts and alliances on behalf of RDA’s clients, from New England through the Mid-Atlantic, the Mid-West, the Southeast and the Southwest.


John Albini, CEM, CEA, has an electrical engineering pedigree that ranks him among the best – but he considers his ability to help companies grow their businesses his proudest achievement. John obtained his BSEE from Worchester Polytechnic Institute, one of the top rated engineering schools in the US. He also holds an MBA and valuable Energy Manager and Auditor Certifications. It’s where he used these brains that make John a remarkable ally – as a strategic advisor for United Illuminating, representing the top 700 commercial and industrial companies in Connecticut. It’s said many opportunities in life are hidden – and John knows how to analyze process in ways that will surprise the most experienced operations and financial pros.


Roger Dietz, engineering management associate, is a 20-year veteran of sales and sales management, with experience running regional and national programs for several Fortune 1000 companies. Roger’s involvement in the energy industry for the past 5 years is powered by his passion for renewable energy implementation. He believes it is good for our state, our country and essential in a world of limited resources. In Roger’s view, RDA’s ability to coordinate state and federal energy programs is unique – with substantial benefits for businesses, both small and large.


Roger Plourde, CEM, engineering management associate, is the mechanical engineering heavyweight on the RDA team. Roger has a strong co-generation background based on more than 30 years with CL&P, from the power plants trenches to conducting financial and conservation analyses for the utility’s top clients. He is an experienced designer whose pumps are still in use three decades later. Roger recently saved a healthcare facility $15,000 based on a 30-minute power quality inspection. He has a patent pending for a revolutionary LED light retrofit product that decreases energy use 70 percent.


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